Why you should employ an apprentice

Why employ an apprentice? Building your network, accessing expert support and access to high quality workforce are just some of the reasons...

Being part of the Coach Core network brings a range of benefits to partner employers. 

  • a high quality, consistent workforce, representing significant economic value
  • a workforce encouraging a fresh approach to coaching
  • They are able to target new demographics through their existing programmes and increase their coaching provision, whilst also supporting the long-term development of young people within their community.

Since joining Coach Core, I've developed so much confidence in myself and my ability to persevere and keep going no matter how hard it gets. It's a great skill I've picked up along the way

Zuleskha - Coach Core Apprentice

We work hard to select the right organisations to help shape and nurture the apprentices whilst also understanding that these young people will give so much back in the time they are with you.

Being part of the wider consortium of partners brings a host of benefits to employers, enabling them to increase partnership links and develop new provision. Coach Core employers also gain access to the UK Coach Core network and other selected The Royal Foundation partners, helping to open up opportunities and develop new ideas.

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