What is a Coach Core Apprenticeship

How an apprenticeship works, why it might be right for you as an employer, and what makes the Coach Core one so special.

A Coach Core apprenticeship is designed to be of benefit to both you, the employer, and the young person you employ. It is a way for you to bring a young person into your workforce who you can develop and instil with the skills your business needs. For the young person it is an opportunity to step into the world of work whilst still getting the education and development that they will need to develop a full career.

At its simplest, the programme is a Level 2 apprenticeship, in Community Activator Coaching. Like all apprenticeships, that means the young person will be engaged approximately 30 hours a week. 80% of that time they will be part of your workforce where they can be assisting and running coaching sessions, working on office admin or other appropriate tasks. 20% of the time (typically 1 day a week) they will be in education – working with their tutor towards their apprenticeship qualifications.

There are many apprenticeship providers around the country, but none work on a model like Coach Core’s and – to our knowledge – none see the results we do.

Over the last few years we have taken on 10 apprentices though Coach Core, which has allowed us to have a bigger reach within our community projects. Due to the apprentices developing a broad range of skills and accessing many experiences through the partnership model, many of them have entered employment with us on the conclusion of their apprenticeship.

Liam Watson - Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation

What makes Coach Core special:

  • We have 8 years’ experience doing this. We’ll help you through every step of the process and answer any questions you might have
  • We work on a consortium model. We bring together a group of employers in an area and start a cohort of 16-20 apprentices on their journey at the same time across those employers. What this means for you is:
    • Our recruitment events will give you the chance to meet many potential apprentices
    • There is a dedicated programme manager who liaises between all the employers. Employers can support and learn from each other as well as providing additional opportunities to each other’s apprentices.
    • The apprentices have a group of peers they can use for support and encouragement
  • We provide grant funding to employers to contribute to the cost of bringing on an apprentice.
  • Coach Core pride ourselves on our small group sizes and focus on quality over quantity. What this means is a high level of support for our apprentices and their employers. We believe this pays off: over 90% of Coach Core apprentices complete the course (compared to a national apprenticeship average of just 60%) and 92% move into full-time employment or education after finishing.

A Coach Core apprentice will be:

    • a high quality, consistent workforce, representing significant economic value. Because they are working with you nearly full-time over a significant period, they can really get to know and connect with your business in a way casual staff cannot
    • a way to access and engage with new or hard-to-reach demographics in your area. The Community Activator Coach apprenticeship is specifically designed to get coaches working with their local communities to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. Further, young coaches working in their community can be positive role models for those they work with.
    • a workforce encouraging a fresh approach to coaching. Through their apprenticeship training and the bespoke Coach Core modules developed by Create, as well as other CPD opportunities, the apprentices will have up-to-date coaching methods and knowledge

As a charity we are committed to providing opportunity to young people who have faced challenge. That might mean, for example, that they disengaged with education very early, come from a background of worklessness,  or any other kind of challenge that has put them on the back foot. We work hard to partner with the right employers who will help shape and nurture these apprentices whilst also understanding that they will give so much back in the time they are with you.


Our requirements from you as an employer are simple; we ask that:

  • you are committed to helping young people gain employment and education
  • you provide ‘in kind’ donations of staff time, resources and training to benefit both your apprentice and the wider group
  • you can commit to covering the wages and other ‘on costs’ of hiring an apprentice, and will issue them a contract with the same terms as other employees.

My journey with Coach Core was a second chance at life for me. It gave me the motivation to build a career for myself. I've got so many ideas I can't wait to use in the future with sport.

Kelly - Coach Core graduate, Birmingham

A Coach Core apprenticeship lasts a minimum of 15 months (except for those in Glasgow and Wales). The cost borne by you the employer is around £6,000, with an additional £3,000 coming from Coach Core and £6,000 drawn down from the government to cover education costs. These numbers are approximations only, and we encourage you to get in touch to talk them through with us before making any decisions based on them.


The above is just an overview. If you’d like to read more, please see these case studies, or take a look at things from an apprentice’s point of view. You can also find out more about how Coach Core works here.

If you’d like to have a conversation with us about what being an apprentice employer is like, please get in touch using the form below.