Giving your expertise and time to support Coach Core

We’re a small team, so we’d love your expertise and time to better help young people access meaningful education and employment.

Whether you’re looking to utilise your work’s Make a Difference Day or want to volunteer one a month, there’s lots of ways you can help our young people get the best start in life.

If you’re interested in one particular opportunity or would like more information, please contact us by emailing fundraising@coachcore.org.uk or calling 07904 341 656. We’d love to hear from you!

Graphic Designer Support

3 hours | Ahead of April 2024
A designer to draft a poster template showing 4 or 5 fundraising ideas that we can edit quarterly.

Presentation Skills Training for our Leicester Apprentices

3 hours | 13th, 14th or 15th  May (date to be mutually agreed)
We’re looking for a volunteer, or two volunteers, to deliver in-person presentation skills training for our 17 apprentices in Leicester. This would be at either Leicester City in the Community (LE27FL), Leicestershire County Cricket Club (LE2 8EB) or Loughborough Sports Park (LE11 3QF).

Raffle Prize Hunters

4 hours | Ahead of May 2024
Volunteers to contact organisations and secure raffle prizes for Coach Core’s fundraising events.

Corporate Connection Builder

1 day | Ahead of May 2024
We’re looking for someone who can spare a few hours to help us research sponsors of upcoming sporting events and tournaments, so we can better understand how they currently work with charities and their CSR ambitions

Policy Researcher

10 hours | By April 2024
Coach Core is keen to better align to key Government policies, in order to improve our programme offer, identify areas of future growth and generate further support for our work. We’re looking for someone with experience and/or interest in policy developments across the sectors that Coach Core currently operates in, or could expand into (e.g. education, youth employment, social justice, levelling up) to help us identify key policy updates, research, proposals etc. We’re also keen to better understand ‘policy and research’ roles across sectors, to help shape how this type of role may fit for Coach Core moving forward.

Employee Networks

4 hours | By April 2024
Coach Core are looking for someone with experience of setting up and running Employee Networks, to help us develop an offer for our current apprentices (e.g. female apprentice network).

Mentoring Programme

4 hours | By April 2024
We’re looking for someone to help us develop a long-term mentoring scheme for our graduate apprentices. This is likely to be someone working in legal/risk/safeguarding, to ensure we develop clear guidelines and expectations.

Cheer Squad for London Landmarks Half-Marathon

4 hours | 10am-2pm, Sunday 7 April 2024
Join the Coach Core team to cheer and support the runners raising money for us at the London Landmarks half-marathon.

Help us set up Coach Core’s Sports Day

3 hours | May 22 2024, 9am-12pm or 4pm-6pm
Coach Core are looking for 5-10 people to help us set up AFC Wimbledon in London, so the venue is ready for our Sports Day fundraiser. We’re looking for people who can help us set up banners and posters, set up a reception desk and make sure everything is neat and tidy before guests arrive shortly after lunch. We’re also looking for 5-10 volunteers who can help us pack away the activities on the pitch, so more of the Coach Core team are free to sell raffle tickets and network with our key supporters.

Referral Partners

4 hours | Ongoing
Aligned to our apprentice recruitment strategy, Coach Core is looking for someone to help research possible referral partners, to help us reach more young people facing discrimination, exclusion or lack of opportunity. Partners would include those working with disengaged/NEET young people, those supporting young people that are under-represented in employment (e.g. those with disabilities, care leavers etc).

Commercial Skills Mentor

3 hours per month | Ongoing
Our CEO is looking to develop his commercial skills and understanding of the business world.

Donor Research

2 hours/month or a one-off workshop | Ongoing
Coach Core receive around £100,000 per annum from Trusts and Foundations who are passionate about sport for good, education/employment and young people’s charities. We would like people to help us research donors and identify which ones we should prioritise. Don’t worry – you don’t need to know anything about Trusts and Foundations. We’ll provide a short briefing so you know how to get started!

Gen Z Trends and Interests

5 hours | Ongoing
We’re looking for someone to help us stay on top of current trends, interests and job aspirations of young people, as well as further understanding some of the barriers they face. This will suit someone connected to/with an interest in research, as we would like this to be informed by data and evidence, where possible.

HR – People Management Software review

1 day | Ongoing
As we don’t have our own HR team, Coach Core would love HR experts to help us review our use of Breathe software for managing leave and sickness, and share recommendations on how we could more effectively use the platform.

Alumni Programme

3 days | Ongoing
Coach Core would like to design and build an alumni programme for graduated Coach Core apprentices.

Content Advice

2 hours/month | Ongoing
Help Coach Core stay on top of trends and create relevant content by spending some time researching potential content to put on our socials and website. This involves looking at publications in the sector, other charity socials and national holidays. No prior experience needed as our Social Media Manager will share a detailed brief.


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