Unused items such as clothes and even cars can be used to support our work

Thrift+A rack of clothes

Donate and shop second-hand clothes with Thrift+.

Thrift+ was founded to make the charity shopping experience as good as the best online clothes retailers, Thrift’s vision is to help you turn your unwanted clothing into donations for charity, and to help stop fashion waste by making it easier to re-sell than to discard and ensuring fewer clothes end up in landfill.

It’s simple to get started: order a Thrift bag, fill it up with clothing and return the bag. Coach Core will receive a minimum of £1 per sale, though the donation could be as much as 66% of the sale.


Donate a car

Do you have an unwanted car? You can scrap it through Giveacar, a not-for-profit social enterprise that turns your old cars, light vans, motorbikes and even caravans into cash.

They arrange free collection, and then depending on your car’s condition sell it at auction or scrap it, with the proceeds raised (minus the service fees) going directly to Coach Core. It’s so easy.

Call Giveacar on 0207 736 4242 or visit their site: