Rebecca is Living Like a Lord

10th Anniversary Graduate of the Month: June - Rebecca Tyson

By Belinda Bradley · 30th June 2023

Rebecca is working in her absolute dream career as a coach at Lord’s Cricket Ground, but she wasn’t always the confident and bubbly person she is now.

When Rebecca was in Sixth Form, she was unsure about going to university. She struggled academically and just wanted to start earning money whilst staying in the world of Cricket. Applying for the apprenticeship with Coach Core was the perfect mix and way forward.

For Rebecca, Cricket had always been a part of her life and she didn’t really know anything else. Her dad plays, mum scores, grandad umpires and so every weekend was spent on the sport. It was only when she was talking to mentors and coaches about not knowing what to do, that they suggested going for the apprenticeship. Now Rebecca has been playing for 15 years and is an incredibly impressive coach, working with the biggest cricketers going.

'If I could go back to my younger self, maybe during the apprenticeship, I'd tell myself to go for things more. Don't be scared of missing out on things. I think there were probably a few opportunities I turned down because I wasn't confident enough and I was a bit scared of what would happen. So I would just tell myself just go for it, do it.'

Rebecca Tyson

Rebecca excelled through apprenticeship but she didn’t always find coaching easy. She originally struggled with confidence issues and found public speaking really tough. It was through the support of Coach Core and true determination that Rebecca is now able to deliver multiple sessions to any size group with ease.

Rebecca is now working towards getting more women and girls into Cricket, by coaching female-identifying groups, particularly in schools during their influential years. She expressed her want to see improvement in this area so that one day women’s cricket can be as popular and big as the mens’.

When asked what the biggest skill she uses on a day-to-day basis was, she stated how important (good) communication was for her coaching. She went on to say that this is particularly useful when working with small groups or individuals. When conversing, you can take time to understand how they’re feeling and overcome the thing they were struggling with.

'The best way to tackle a situation is to remember that people learn in different ways, and at different rates. You want to make sure they get the best out of the session and you want to make sure that they feel comfortable while doing so too'.

Rebecca Tyson

Rebecca finished her interview with us by saying that Coach Core gave her loads of opportunities. She said that without CC, she would never have made it to Lord’s Cricket Ground.

“It made me a better coach and a better person, so I’m really thankful for Coach Core.”

We were so impressed that Rebecca continued her hard work and stayed doing something she loved, so we chose her for Graduate of the Month. If you’d like to listen to her full story, watch the video below:


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