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10th Anniversary Graduate of the Month: July - Myles Stapleton

By Belinda Bradley · 28th July 2023

In just 6 months of being in his new role after Coach Core, Myles became Head Coach at Grassroots Sports Academy. A year after that and Myles is achieving some incredible things.

Myles immensely disliked school and struggled academically. He especially disliked English and didn’t know if he’d get the grades he’d need to continue. After college, he ended up doing hospitality as a default job, although he wasn’t enjoying himself.

It was only when his mum suggested he try visiting the Coach Core induction day, where he got to meet potential employers, that he found a new passion.

Myles has always been interested in teaching and education, and especially loved being active so this was a perfect opportunity to get a qualification and move away from serving drinks.

'At the end of college, I spoke to myself and went, I can't do education anymore... knowing the apprenticeship I thought, I did like sports, I've always wanted to be a teacher so if I go for it, it's another career path I could have. I've definitely made the right choice!"

- Myles

When we asked Myles ‘what next?’, he was dreaming big. Myles quickly and easily replied that he’d like to move up and become partners with some of the businesses he works with. He added that one day he’d maybe own one of the businesses and run it.

For now, Myles’ goals are to help GSA expand and cover more areas. He noted a need for more young people to stay active and healthy and how activities got reduced after Covid-19, but he’d love to see more.

Myles puts his success down to the following things:

  • Coach Core (obviously)
  • His mum, who helped him find Coach Core
  • Being willing to be flexible, e.g. travel around, do early mornings, adapt on the day
  • Enjoying working with kids
  • Having the motivation to succeed.

We’re very impressed to see how far Myles has come, from not even wanting to finish school to leading his own sessions in a full-time job.

Myles’ advice to current and future apprentices was:

“Don’t look down at the failure, because the failure is always the biggest step to success.”

If you want to hear more from Myles, watch his interview:



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