MVP Finalists – Coach Core Awards 2024

This award celebrates someone in the Coach Core network who has made a significant contribution to our mission, has demonstrated Coach Core values and deserves to be recognised for their support and dedication to the programme.

By James Burbidge · 17th January 2024

Coach Core is built on collaboration and we work with many wonderful partners of all different types, up and down the country. Many of those people or organisations can be recognised in one of our other awards, but there are some people and places that sit outside those categories who make significant contributions to our programmes and the success of our apprentices. This award – nominated and voted upon by the Coach Core staff – is for those who may otherwise fly under the radar but whose importance needs to be highlighted.


Kate Bright

Kate has been an invaluable guide to the extremely complicated waters of livery funding and has already helped us secure two grants, one of which was the second largest we have ever received from a Trust or Foundation. With over 200 livery companies in London, thanks to Kate, we now have an increased chance of securing the funding we need to change even more young lives.


Nick Chellel

Active Sussex
Nick works at Active Sussex where he supports the Coach Core programme across the county. 2023 saw the second iteration of our Sussex programme and Nick has worked tirelessly to apply the lessons learned from the first. For example, working from specific feedback from employers, he has ensured all employers are actively providing additional opportunities for their apprentices, as well as developing opportunities for the whole cohort to access – like involving them in the delivery of the Active Sussex Parallel Youth Games. He has personally delivered development sessions for the apprentices, and connects with them by attending some of their education days. To promote the Coach Core programme he has facilitated the creation of apprentice blogs and encouraged employers to nominate their apprentices for the Active Sussex Awards. He has also waived the financial contribution paid to Active Sussex, instead using this to pay for apprentices to attend the training and development opportunities.



Mike Seaman & Kate Jamieson

Raccoon Media Group
Coach Core benefited hugely from Mike and Kate’s support developing and delivering our first ever Sports Day fundraiser last year. They have continued to be invaluable, suggesting practical improvements, new fundraising opportunities, reaching out to their celebrity contacts to attend and promoting the event through their industry networks. Both have given up significant time and energy to make Sports Day 2023 the success it was, and thanks to their ongoing commitment to Coach Core we look forward to the event growing and succeeding in 2024 and beyond.



Mike Munro

Coach Core were lucky enough to meet Mike at our 10th Birthday event last year. It was at this event where he introduced us to their Senior Partner at CMS and helped kickstart a series of exciting conversations. Since then, we have collectively raised £33,423 in vital funding, and we’ve also been lucky enough to benefit from several colleagues’ support on a pro-bono basis. On a personal note, Mike has made introductions to other companies that attended our Sports Day fundraiser, and provided invaluable advice to help support our CEO and Head of Development with several matters.

Our Sponsors

Lifetime Training and Amazing Apprenticeships are proud sponsors of Coach Core Awards.

Lifetime Training provides cutting edge skills training, designed to help people exceed their potential and give businesses the ultimate competitive advantage. They will be sponsoring the Mentor of the Year and Employer of the Year categories.

Amazing Apprenticeships are a leading organisation in the education sector, working with schools, colleges and employers, tackling misconceptions and promoting the benefits of apprenticeships and technical education. They will be sponsoring the post-event reception.




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