Coach Core Awards

Every year we host our annual Coach Core Awards, which give us a chance to celebrate the best of our Coach Core talent, from apprentices and graduates, to mentors and tutors.

The categories for the 2019 Coach Core Awards are:

Community Outreach Project of the Year
Mentor of the Year
Tutor of the Year
Graduate of the Year
Apprentice of the Year

The winner of our Community Outreach Project of the Year is…

Callum from Yellow Door Youth Club! Yellow Door Youth Club which is an independent charity, offering Information, Education, Counselling and Activities to young people between 11 and 25. Callum successfully planned, set up and ran 5 successful projects throughout Essex. He has played a key role in implementing the Summer Youth Projects, especially the project Holiday Hunger which aims to engage young people who would normally receive free school meals. This project formed part of Active Essex’s initative approach to support the apprentices with additional funding for their programmes. Callum’s leadership, dedication and funding and volunteer engagement made sure the projects were a great success.

The winner of our mentor of the year award is….

Kira from Welsh Rugby Union. Kira is a graduate of the Welsh Rugby Union apprenticeship scheme and has gone on to become one of the youngest qualified NVQ assessors in the country. She is now studying Sports Management at University and is also the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby ambassador for Wales. Kira demonstrates Coach Core values on a daily basis and is a positive role model for current and past apprentices who constantly seek her council.

The winner of our tutor of the year award is…

Dave Smith from Coach Core Bristol. Dave is an expereinced tutor for the Bristol programme who’s key strength is
his commitment to supporting of all the young people on the programme. He works tirelessly to adapt and bring innovation to his sessions. Dave is always looking for new opportunities for both his current apprentices and previous graduates, whether this is training or volunteer experiences, or support into employment opportunities.

The winner for our Graduate of the year award is…

Jevaughni from Sport Birmingham. Since graduating Jevaughni has gained full time employment with Sport Birmingham as a Youth and Sport Engagement Assistant. After only a few months he took on the responsibility for the coordination of a city wide project focussing on reducing the tensions among specific communities in order to create better commnication. He has proven time and time again that he is willing to rise to the occasion and has taken challenges and setbacks in his stride.

Finally, the winner for our apprentice of the year award is…

Shannon from Coach Core Nottingham. Shannon started her journey as a young volunteer with Nottingham Clubs for Young People and her dedication and passion for helping others gave her a spot as an apprentice. Now 13 months into the apprenticeship, she has never missed a session, one to one or education day. She has been really supportive to her peers both in and out of the education setting, helping them overcome personal challenges so they can stay on the programme. She is indispensible member of the Nottingham CYP team and has recently been offered a full time position with them.

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