Luke Has the Eye of a Tiger

10th Anniversary Graduate of the Month: March - Luke Oakley

By Belinda Bradley · 24th March 2023

Luke made all the right choices and was working incredibly hard at college towards a sports development qualification. However, he experienced extreme bullying, and his career trajectory was changed completely.  

Luke faces challenges due to his ADHD and Autism, meaning he needs extra support and learns differently from others. The bullying sprung from this and really knocked his confidence, leading him to withdraw from his course.

Usually, this would have deterred someone from trying again, but Luke is a fighter and decided to make his dreams come true using our Coach Core apprenticeship.  

After graduating with the 2017 Essex cohort, Luke went on to secure a job with Super Star Sport. He has worked his way upwards through the organisation and is close to securing a Head Coaching role.  

The entire team at SSS commend Luke’s work ethic and motivation, and love having him onboard. Luke is an amazing leader. His fantastic coaching ability is demonstrated by the immense amount of praise the kids give to him after each session.  


‘He started quite shy, but now, he’s completely happy to lead the sessions. The children have a really great rapport with him.’

Katherine Cooke, SSS Area Manager. 


Aside from witnessing how far he’s come since being an apprentice, the team at Coach Core are in awe of his ability to juggle his personal goals with his professional ones. 

In addition to coaching at Super Star Sport, Luke also coaches Ju Jitsu and takes part in it himself. He’s risen amongst the ranks incredibly quickly and shows a real passion for the sport. His ability to lead multiple projects and stay motivated to his own sport is truly inspiring.  

You can watch Luke’s full story here:  


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