Learning Coach Finalists – Coach Core Awards 2024

This award celebrates the educator who has surpassed expectations in support of the apprentices they are teaching.

By James Burbidge · 11th January 2024

The Learning Coaches are critical to Coach Core’s success. They work directly with the apprentices to teach them the technical knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their jobs and get the qualifications an apprenticeship provides. But they also do so much more – pastoral care of individuals, building a community between the apprentices, supporting the employer organisations, and working closely with Coach Core to improve our work. They are one of the most important factors in a young person’s experience of the apprenticeship, and building their foundation for a successful future.

Jack Bailey

Londonheadshot of a man wearing a top that says Coach Core
Jack has built a great trust and relationship with his learners in London, who approach him for both personal and professional support. Several of his learners have additional learning needs, but Jack has worked with each of them to better understand their individual challenges and worked to put specific support in place. He’s thoughtful and generous with his time, preparing individual journey plans for some of the apprentices anxious about travelling to new places, and taking one meeting with an apprentice, their employer and the apprentice’s parent that meant he didn’t get home until midnight.

One nominator said:

Helpful, kind, inclusive, patient”


Brogan Jones

Brogan creates close relationships with her apprentices, building a level of trust that enables her to help them beyond just the education she delivers – she is able to provide a safe space to discuss issues outside of work and support them appropriately. She instills her apprentices with self-belief and helps them fulfill their potential by pushing when they need it, but also allowing them time and space to recharge when they need it. She makes sure everyone on the apprenticeship is allowed to be themselves in the group education setting and is pro-active about ensuring the apprentices are learning inclusive coaching.

One nominator said:

“Brogan quite literally was my rock throughout my apprenticeship, she inspired me from the moment I met her. I trusted her and spoke to her about anything I needed support with.”


Nicola Shrimpton

Nic is balancing this challenging role as a part time member of the team with a young family, but has demonstrated empathy, flexibility and dedication to the learners she works with in Essex. This year’s cohort has been extremely challenging at times. Nic has ensured that any concerns or issues raised by apprentices are flagged with employers, Active Essex or Coach Core, to ensure we can collectively support them. She has also reached out to apprentices who have left the programme, to ensure they were being supported. Despite working part time, she does all she can to support and observe learners at times that are suitable for them – for example attending evening sessions to observe and support apprentices at work.

One nominator said:

“a huge thank you for your positivity, empathy and passion throughout this last year!”


David Smith

David has consistently shown his dedication to his learners –  from supporting their community projects on his own time, to extra phone calls and check-ins with employers to make sure they have a full understanding of every step of the apprenticeship process. When some apprentices were thinking about leaving the programme David went above and beyond to support them – investing in them as people, not just as apprentices. His communication with employers is of the highest standard, ensuring they are better able to support their apprentices, and his ability to engage, motivate and keep learners on track, whilst educating and inspiring them, is second-to-none.

One nominator said:

“We have worked with various training providers in the past, with no one coming close to the dedication and attention to detail that we have received since working with Dave and the Bristol team.”

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