Kate’s a Gun – Our Cricket Mad Grad

10th Anniversary Graduate of the Month: April - Kate Edwards

By Belinda Bradley · 28th April 2023

Youth Board member, teacher and coach Kate is our Graduate of the Month.

Since she was a kid, Kate played and adored Cricket. Alongisde this, she dreamt of being a teacher one day. Because of Coach Core, and her dedication to learning, Kate gets to do both.

Kate is an extremely talented and hard-working person, and this dedication shows. After excelling through the apprenticeship, she’s now completing her teacher training. All the while, she’s using her skills and experience from Coach Core to achieve great things. She loved the programme so much, she even joined our Youth Board.

Kate showed so much promise, she was actually offered a full-time position with her employer, Lancashire Cricket Foundation but eventually left to get her teaching qualifications. However, having Coach Core networks and qualifications under her belt has made her an extraordinary applicant for future roles or opportunities to go along her teaching. She’s already excited to continue coaching local clubs and encouraging school children to play.

"The apprenticeship is one the greatest thing I've embarked on - no exaggeration! It came around at the perfect time... It positively enhanced my relationship with health, PE, sports, nutrition and everything in between. That is something that has allowed me to grow personally, and shifted how I approach things when working with children. Furthermore, it allowed me to experience, develop and thrive in a work environment."


Kate is very deserving of our GOTM, as she went one step further to ‘give back’ and joined our Youth Board in 2021. She expresses a want to help shape the apprenticeship experience positively for the next generations and spread the love of physical education/healthy lifestyles. She credits this passion down to the positive experience she had in her apprenticeship.

She says “I’d much prefer to do an apprenticeship to get into teaching, if they existed, as my coaching apprenticeship was a dream and allowed me to develop as a coach and learn in real life situations from experienced colleagues.”

We’re honoured to have Kate on our team, and can’t wait to see her achieve her dream goals.




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