Employer Finalists – Coach Core Awards 2024

This award celebrates an organisation which embraces the Coach Core ethos and uses the benefits of partnership working to support the Coach Core apprentice(s) they employ.

By James Burbidge · 16th January 2024

Taking on an apprentice comes with a range of benefits including gaining new insights and perspectives, staff who live and breathe your mission and values and better connection with your participants through engaging young role models. These employers understand the advantages and are committed to the support and development work they’ll need to put in to reap these benefits. They also buy into the Coach Core ethos and help the whole cohort of apprentices develop, offering opportunities and building a network of local connections.

This award is sponsored by Lifetime Training.

Changing Lives Community Services

Changing Lives support of their apprentices was unwavering in their first year on a Coach Core programme. They frequently went above and beyond what could be expected of any employer: personally mentoring them, supporting with safeguarding issues, changing their timetables and locations to adapt to their needs, and personally driving them to sessions and home when transport and finance became a problem. One of their young apprentices has really blossomed with the support of Changing Lives, and is now preparing to mentor next year’s cohort.


England Boxing

England Boxing have a high proportion of their members from lower socio-economic groups and ethnically diverse communities, & showed significant growth in their female membership over the last 10 years. Because of this they wanted to focus their Birmingham 2022 legacy efforts on creating a powerful & measurable ripple effect of positive change in challenging communities, through high quality boxing activity created by relatable young role models. They worked with Coach Core to develop a national programme of apprentices who would work in their local communities to develop & support the sport of amateur boxing and to leave a legacy of their own. Some of the projects that have been delivered as part of the Community Boxing Apprenticeship programme are:
– boxing sessions with the UK charity Sense, which supports those that are deaf, blind or have complex disabilities.
– female only boxing sessions for schools & community groups
– sessions in alternative education centres for children & young adults who have been kicked out of mainstream schools
– ‘Neutral Corner’ sessions focusing on bringing together people from different religious & faith groups
– large scale community events such as ‘Boxing on the Beach’ aimed at creating community cohesion.


Glasgow Life

Glasgow Life have been delivering the Coach Core apprenticeship programme since 2013. They are committed to ensuring their apprentices have everything they need to thrive, both on the programme and beyond. They give comprehensive training, beyond that required, including ICT to ensure the apprentices are ready for a digital workspace, and Lifeguarding to ensure their labour will be in high demand. They have an extensive network of community sports partners where they place their apprentices to broaden their experiences and develop their coaching skills. When possible they ensure the apprentices can deliver development activities at big events, including Glasgow 2014, European Championships 2018, Davis Cup, and the UCI World Cycling Championships. Glasgow Life recruits apprentices directly from community employability partners, and uses a holistic recruitment model which ensures all applicants, regardless of barriers, are given the best opportunity to demonstrate their skills.



Re N-Gage have worked with Coach Core since 2021, as part of our London and Surrey programmes. Their organisation focuses on using mentoring and sport to support ‘at risk’ young people and their families. Their staff are passionate, caring and generous and they go above and beyond with their apprentices, supporting them through difficult periods in the apprenticeship and their personal lives. They put on weekly mentoring sessions to help the apprentices’ personal development and put them on numerous courses and additional qualifications to improve their employability. They also put on a development day for the whole Surrey programme (apprentices and employers), running mentoring and personal development sessions as well as a range of practical activities and providing food for everyone.

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Amazing Apprenticeships are a leading organisation in the education sector, working with schools, colleges and employers, tackling misconceptions and promoting the benefits of apprenticeships and technical education. They will be sponsoring the post-event reception.




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