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10th Anniversary Graduate of the Month: November – Ben Fox

By Belinda Bradley · 11th November 2022

From trying university and dealing with mental setbacks, to becoming a qualified coach and inspiring many; Ben is our graduate of the month.  

“My appetite to learn my craft is more than I ever thought it would be”.  

This was a quote from 2017, when Ben was completing his apprenticeship and eager to help the community. One of the reasons Ben was an easy choice for us was the fact that his motivation never stopped. Today, he still continues to try and learn new things and support future apprentices.  

“Basketball has given me so many great opportunities in life. I continue to meet great people and improve my knowledge and skill set. But giving back to the young people and community, trying to open a door for them that so many of my inspirations did for me tops it off and makes it all worth while.”

- Ben

When we met up with Ben, he talked about how he learns through mistakes and that the apprenticeship helped him learn massively. He’s shown clear examples through his coaching and volunteering that he not only learned a lot, but is able to apply it and put his own spin on it. 

Ben is now a Community Coach at Plymouth City Patriots and works hard to leave a positive lasting impact. He was seen at our 10th Anniversary Event professionally coaching Olympians and celebrities, and was able to make them all leave with a smile and a new skill. 

Ben is now on our Youth Board and continues to impact those involved with Coach Core. His views are invaluable and his regular input is always impressive. He originally joined because ‘he wanted be the best he can be and to give back to Coach Core as he feels like it gave a lot to him’. From what we’ve witnessed, we can wholeheartedly say Ben has achieved this.  

“The fact that I could train to do something I loved and work within an environment that I was passionate about, but also be paid to do that, was massive.”

- Ben

The fact that Ben had to reevaluate his career as a young adult and decided to work so hard to pave his future is extremely impressive. We love his motivation, passion for coaching and friendliness.  

We can’t wait to see what you do next, Ben.


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