What happens on a Coach Core apprenticeship

Find out more about what to expect from an apprenticeship.

The Programme

Most Coach Core apprenticeship programmes are between 15 and 18 months long – the exceptions being Glasgow and South Wales, which run for 12 months.

Apprentices work 30 hours per week with their employers, which includes 1 education day, where you will be working with your location’s dedicated tutor along with your other apprentices.

Coach Core works with a hugely diverse range of employers, from Professional Sports Club Foundations, Youth Clubs, Charities and Academy Trusts, all of whom provide exciting events and opportunities to the programme.

Your first 3 months will be very intense! We want you not only undertaking a number of key modules but also getting used to be moving around to different locations. You must be organised and ready to work hard.


The education part of the programme has helped me to plan and reflect on sessions and make them as fun as possible for the participants. The coaching side has given me the opportunity to grow and learn, with support from a Head Coach

Rio - Coach Core Apprentice, London

Throughout the programme, employers and partners offer all apprentices opportunity to attend exciting sports events. Whether it’s the National League Final at Wembley Stadium or the NBA’s annual London Game, Coach Core offers exciting experiences not seen on any other apprenticeship programme.

Of course, your support team will help throughout your apprenticeship. They have the experience and qualities to help you develop professionally and personally but you must remember – YOU are the key to success!

As the course nears its end, your support team will work with you to establish what you want to do next and try as best as possible to help you with this. Don’t forget, a number of graduates have gone onto full time positions with their apprenticeship employers, so be sure to make the most of your opportunities.

Meet your support team

They are your ‘go to’ for anything to do with the course. When you learn centrally, they will be person leading on this. When you need some support with your course work, they are the person to call on. Respect them and they will give you all their time and experience!

You will see this person frequently. They are there mainly to help your employers and the tutor link with the Royal Foundation, but they also have huge experience in this field and can be called up to assist you whenever they are available to do so.

These are your key staff for helping you develop technically. They are carefully selected staff from your employer who can help guide and shape your development and are the individuals you will be working with most on this programme. Ask questions and be ready to follow their instructions as their knowledge and experience will help you advance greatly.

The Royal Foundation provide a programme manager, key programme staff and significant individuals who have donated funds and/or expertise to the programme. TRF also work with professional sports persons to support this programme and inspire our apprentices. Oh, and not forgetting four pretty important principals!

Key individuals who remain engaged for the good of the long term programme ambitions and that of the individual apprentice’s development, welfare and wellbeing.