Youth Board

Meet the young people helping to shape Coach Core's future

The Coach Core Youth Board comprises 10 amazing young people, including current and graduated Coach Core apprentices as well as people from outside our organisation

The Youth Board works with us and the Board of Trustees to support, develop, and promote the work of Coach Core; if we are representing the interests of young adults then it’s vital that young adults get to input into our strategy, project work and our big ideas.

We also want to provide a platform where our graduates and other young people can become the next generation of trustees; only 0.5% of all charity board members are under the age of 25!

Billy is based in Essex and works for the Active Partnership/council as well as the working for local health service. H is always going to remain passionate about sport and physical activity and wants to give back to Coach Core and support the future coaches.

Coach Core, Essex 2018

Amber is a gymnastics coach for Glasgow council, currently teaching around 450 kids a week.

Coach Core, Glasgow 2018

Ben is a basketball coach for Plymouth Raiders, working with schools, youth league and university. He wants to be the best he can be and to give back to Coach Core as he feels like it gave a lot to him.

Coach Core, Devon 2018

Daniel works for a small community trust called LS14 in Leeds. He does youth work and is designing and delivering a leadership programme. He is looking forward to linking up with others on the board and further afield.

Coach Core, Leeds 2020

Daniel works at Greenhouse in London. He focuses on disability sport and support and wants to help give people more access.

Coach Core, London 2016

Kate is based in Manchester and loves cricket. She is looking forward to getting to know others on the board and wants to help shape the apprenticeship experience positively for the next generations.

Coach Core, Manchester 2019

Lauren is living in Nottingham and has worked for two national governing bodies in netball, and an Active Partnership. She is a netball coach, referee, trainer, educator, and a passionate advocate for supporting mental health.


Sophie grew up in Greece before moving to Essex in 2016 She is a gymnastics coach and recently participated in a tutor course. She wants to give back after Coach Core gave so many opportunities to her.

Coach Core, Essex 2016

Renee is the Female Interventions Coach at Aston Villa Foundation and is on the Women in Football’s leadership course. She is also currently undertaking the Community Sport and Health Officer (L3) apprenticeship.

Coach Core, Birmingham 2018

Azeem is based in Manchester and is an England blind footballer. He is also a disability awareness advocate & public speaker and the  founder of Learn with ESS. “can’t see’ness does not mean can’t do’ness!”