What We Do

Coach Core is an employment and education charity that who use the long-term power of sport and Apprenticeships to truly change the lives of young adults across the UK who traditionally may experience barriers, discrimination, and lack of opportunities. We work with national and local employers across the UK to support them to create a powerful and measurable ripple effect of positive change in challenging communities, through high quality sport and physical activity delivered/organised by relatable young role models.


Broken down, Coach Core is a charity that does the following 5 things:

  • We fundraise to support and develop young adults who have found barriers to engaging with education and/or employment.
  • We create a network of co-invested employers that can share resources, experiences and solutions.
  • We work with training providers to develop the apprentices, who gain accredited qualifications, experiences & opportunities.
  • We put the young person at the heart of everything we do, with huge emphasis on personal support and mentoring.
  • We create a ripple effect through the community as apprentices engage and inspire through their community coaching sessions.


We currently work across the UK through a mixture of local and national programmes

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Coach Core awards winners celebrate on stage

Coach Core was started in 2012 as part of The Royal Foundation, becoming an independent charity in 2020

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The Coach Core model ensures that apprentices, employers and the local community all benefit from the project and all for the long term!

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