Challenge Event Terms & Conditions

By entering an event you agree to the terms and conditions below:  

  1. 1. This event is not being organised or supervised by Coach Core therefore you agree that Coach Core, its employees and its agents, accept no liability whatsoever in respect of any injury, illness, death, loss (including loss of enjoyment or possessions), damage, expense, cost or other sum or claim of any descriptions whatsoever in respect of your participation in the event. 
  2. You acknowledge that training for and participation in the event involves potentially strenuous physical activity and risk of personal injury. You confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, you are suitable, healthy and fit to take part in the event. You will be taking part in and completing the event at your own risk. 
  3. You agree to follow all reasonable rules and instructions given by the event organiser, event management company and their authorised representatives. You are responsible for your own actions or inactions. Where these differ from the wishes of the event organiser, neither the organiser, Coach Core, its employees or agents can be held responsible for loss or damage to personal effects, injury or death. 
  4. The itinerary may be subject to change by the event organiser should climatic or other unforeseen circumstances deem this necessary, you should refer to the event organiser’s terms and conditions for more details. 
  5. You agree to carry out your fundraising in accordance with our Fundraiser’s code of practice: 
  • I will not use the Coach Core or any associated logo without first obtaining permission from the Coach Core and will allow the Coach Core to approve any materials produced whether printed or online.  
  • I will tell my sponsors that I am raising money “in aid of” Coach Core.  
  • I will not incur nor am I authorised to incur any cost, claim, loss or liability on behalf of Coach Core.  
  • I will secure the necessary approvals prior to undertaking street collections or collections on private property. House-to-house collections are not permitted.  
  1. You agree that this event involves pledging to raise a minimum amount in sponsorship and that the sponsorship money will paid to Coach Core no later than 8 weeks after the event date. All payments to Coach Core shall be made via debit or credit card, cheque, bank transfer or via a secure online fundraising page. Please check the specific event webpage for the sponsorship pledge level. 
  2. You agree to pay a registration fee to secure your Coach Core place, which is non-refundable. 
  3. Any fundraised money collected must be forwarded to Coach Core and this will be treated as a donation unless sponsors specifically ask for it to be returned to them. Coach Core is unable to return anonymous donations. You agree that should you, for whatever reason, not take part in the event or the event is cancelled, it is your responsibility to contact your sponsors telling them you are no longer participating in the event, and what will happen to their sponsor money. 
  4. By taking part, you confirm that you are happy for any footage or photographs taken during your participation in the event to be used to publicise Coach Core generally, including television, website, social media and DVD/video broadcasts. 
  5. Coach Core will contact you by telephone and email with reference to your application. Occasionally we will write to you about the event and post to you anything we can’t email, for example your Coach Core sports vest. 
  6. The organiser of the event will normally set a deadline date by which you need to complete the official registration on the organiser’s console and therefore only this action will fully secure your place. Should you fail to complete this registration by the set deadline you will lose your place. We are unable to influence the deadline dates set by organisers. 
  7. For those applying for a guaranteed Coach Core place we may need to add your details to the third-party event organisers’ console in order to officially register you (usually your name, email and telephone). This usually triggers an automated email from them to you requesting you to complete the official registration process. We take no responsibility should you fail to complete this and lose your place in the event. 
  8. By accepting a place for an event with Coach Core you are committing to raise a minimum amount of money for our work.  The amount will be detailed when you sign up. We have a limited number of places so if your circumstances change and you are unable to take part in the event for us then please do let us know as soon as possible (and before registration on the console) so that we are able to offer your place to someone else. 
  9. I confirm that I am aged 18 or over.