Town Hall for All – 25th October, 12pm

If you’ve been a part of Coach Core in the past, we want you to be a part of our future. Sign up to attend our Town Hall and have your say on our new strategy.

By Belinda Bradley · 4th October 2023

Coach Core Town Hall is a quarterly meeting where we encourage all staff, board members, supporters, partners, apprentices – anyone with an interest in Coach Core – to attend.

This meeting is interactive where everyone gets a say in shaping the Coach Core mission. In a typical Town Hall session, the CC team would present its key priorities for the upcoming calendar quarter and attendees can ask questions of the team. This is all done to create a more connected Coach Core community.

The next Town Hall on the 25th of October is an extraordinary one because it will be entirely shaped around building our new strategy. This means you’ll have the chance to share your opinions on our values and vision, as well as contribute new actionable ideas.

The core of this means reevaluating our current strategy and using feedback/key reports from the past year to assemble a new plan for our 2024-27 strategy.

As you know, ‘collaboration’ form the entire DNA of everything we do here at Coach Core. It’s incredibly important for us to have a wide range of experiences and involvement in shaping how our new strategy will work, so we’re asking for a big audience from all backgrounds. Perhaps you’ve benefited from our work, helped us complete projects, or just seen us on socials…whatever your connection to CC, we want you.

No preparation or major commitment is needed– just click on the link below to sign up and bring an open and honest approach to the hour!

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