Raheem, What Makes You Tick?

Learning from success - getting to know the winners of the 2020 Coach Core Awards. This edition: Raheem Hussain, Community Project of the Year

By James Burbidge · 29th January 2021

We got in touch with our 2020 Awards winners to try to learn from their success. What makes them tick, and is it the same kind of thing, from apprentice through to tutor? We put the same 5 questions to each of them to find out.

Next up: Raheem Hussain. Raheem won the Community Project of the year for his work with Linx Hemlington.


1. What made you want to get into this role?
My passion for sports as a young person made me want to get into the role as I always found sports and fitness fun and ideal.


2. What’s the highlight of your (work) week?
The highlight of my work week is engaging with young people interacting building rapport and doing sports sessions at youth clubs such as football or table tennis.


3. Who do you ask (or where do you look) when you want to know more about something in the sector?
I have numerous people to look to for advise for example my line manager when I’m struggling with a task when working in the office. When doing a session as I need help I will have one of my seniors help me and also my college tutor to teach me new sport activities.


4. What’s one thing you would change about the sector if you could?
Nothing really as I enjoy all aspects.


5. What’s your favourite sporting moment?
My best sporting moment was when I did fitness videos during the first lockdown as I noticed it help as lot of people on social media stay fit and motivated.