Dave, What Makes You Tick?

Learning from success - getting to know the winners of the 2020 Coach Core Awards. This edition: Dave Reed, Mentor of the Year

By James Burbidge · 15th February 2021

We got in touch with our 2020 Awards winners to try to learn from their success. What makes them tick, and is it the same kind of thing, from apprentice through to tutor? We put the same 5 questions to each of them to find out.

Next up: Dave Reed. Dave won the Mentor of the Year award for his work with our Tyne and Wear programme.


1. What made you want to get into this role?

My philosophy around coaching has always been around being inclusive. This project screams inclusivity, working with young people who love sport from lots of different back grounds, for me was a perfect environment to volunteer in.

Its so import to see the future in coaching, coach development and mentoring. If I can make a difference in the way these young people see a career in sport it was a job so worthwhile doing.

2. What’s the highlight of your (work) week?

I have recently started working at UK Coaching as a Partnership Development Manager, which is starting to shape up to be my dream job. I meet with lots of different sports every week and help them develop their coaching offer to their participants. I have been in the role 4 weeks so I can honestly say it’s all a highlight.

3. Who do you ask (or where do you look) when you want to know more about something in the sector?

I have a fantastic group of people around me at UK Coaching, There is so much knowledge within the organisation. I also have a close group of people I go to and trust there opinions. We spend lots of time never getting board talking about coaching

4. What’s one thing you would change about the sector if you could?

Diversity! In sport many people are still talking a great game but do they really think they are making a difference.

5. What’s your favourite sporting moment?

As a coach winning the U18 Tri Nations Rugby Championship and seeing a number of those players go on and have superb careers inside and outside of Rugby Union and remaining lifelong friends.