Coach Core Awards 2024 Winners Announced

Coach Core are delighted to announce the winners of our 2024 Awards which celebrated the best of our programmes across the country in 2023.

By James Burbidge · 8th February 2024

Each year Coach Core holds an awards ceremony to honour the outstanding people and organisations who make up our programmes up and down the country. The 2024 ceremony took place on February 7 at The Oval in London. They were hosted by former winner Jevaughni and former England and Olympic rugby player Heather Fisher. Awards were presented by Anthony Ogogo (OLY), Tom Bosworth (OLY) and e-gamer Callum Knight.

Anthony Ogogo, who presented two awards, said:

“It’s unbelievable what belief can do. Sometimes you need somebody else to believe in you to enable you to see those things, and then you believe in yourself, and then you’re off to the races. Coach Core instils belief in people that they wouldn’t necessarily have. Hearing those stories time and time again was incredibly inspiring.”

The winners chosen from the worthy finalists were as follows:

This award celebrates a Coach Core apprentice who has surpassed expectations on their Level 2 programme.

Madison Elliott
Leicester City in the Community (Leicester)

Madi is passionate about providing opportunities for everyone, and stands up for equality and diversity. She ensures all her sessions are inclusive and has shown a passion for developing and delivering sessions for young women and girls. She now works on the Women’s Active projects with Leicester City FC in the Community, delivering sessions for women of all ages in diverse and disadvantaged areas in Leicester City. She has recently finished her apprenticeship, achieving a distinction, and is now supporting another female apprentice in the organisation.

“From an individual with the raw skills, passion and desire to succeed, LCitC now have a very knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated member of staff and our participants and programmes are better for it.”

This award celebrates a Coach Core apprentice who has surpassed expectations on their Level 3 programme.

James Kilobo
England Boxing (National)

James came to the UK as a refugee at the age of 9, facing the challenges of adapting to a new environment and building a new life. At the age of 17, James found himself in trouble and ended up in prison. It was during this time that he discovered boxing programmes and realised the transformative power they held. Witnessing firsthand how boxing could positively impact individuals, James felt a strong desire to give back to his community and support young people who were on a similar path to his own troubled past. He discovered the apprenticeship at England Boxing through his involvement in a Clink to Club programme to help prisoners integrate into communities after release. On the apprenticeship he has set up activator courses to enable others to deliver boxing in their communities as well as running a large community event of his own. He repeatedly volunteers to help when others need it, and has supported staff, clubs, communities and fellow apprentices. Outside the apprenticeship he has volunteered at the Black Prince Trust (a charity in Kennington) and contributes to prison radio.

“James’ resilience, passion, and commitment to personal growth make him a remarkable individual on a mission to create positive change in the lives others.”

This award celebrates a graduated Coach Core apprentice who has gone on to achieve remarkable things since their programme finished.

Aura Chacón Godoy

Aura completed her apprenticeship with Leicestershire County Cricket and is now working for Leicester City FC in the Community where she has developed projects for women including dance, fitness, football and multi-sports. She has a passion for helping older people stay active and has developed sessions including walking football, exercise-to-music and multi-sport. She has also supported language sessions at local secondary schools in partnership with LCFC Men’s football team, to inspire young men and women to succeed in sport and physical activity even if English is not your first language. She works mainly in the St Matthews community where she has become a trusted figure and the face of Leicester City FC in the Community.

“Aura is an inspiration and her passion, desire and enthusiasm shines through on a daily basis.”

This award celebrates an organisation which embraces the Coach Core ethos and uses the benefits of partnership working to support the Coach Core apprentice(s) they employ.

England Boxing

England Boxing have a high proportion of their members from lower socio-economic groups and ethnically diverse communities, & showed significant growth in their female membership over the last 10 years. Because of this they wanted to focus their Birmingham 2022 legacy efforts on creating a powerful & measurable ripple effect of positive change in challenging communities, through high quality boxing activity created by relatable young role models. They worked with Coach Core to develop a national programme of apprentices who would work in their local communities to develop & support the sport of amateur boxing and to leave a legacy of their own. Some of the projects that have been delivered as part of the Community Boxing Apprenticeship programme are:
– boxing sessions with the UK charity Sense, which supports those that are deaf, blind or have complex disabilities.
– female only boxing sessions for schools & community groups
– sessions in alternative education centres for children & young adults who have been kicked out of mainstream schools
– ‘Neutral Corner’ sessions focusing on bringing together people from different religious & faith groups
– large scale community events such as ‘Boxing on the Beach’ aimed at creating community cohesion.

This award celebrates an individual in an organisation that employs a Coach Core apprentice who has surpassed expectations in supporting their apprentice(s).

Garreth Chambers
Your Trust Rochdale (Manchester)

Garreth is supporting 3 apprentices on the 2023 Coach Core programme in Manchester. His commitment, reliability, and proactive efforts have ensured each apprentice is being given the best possible chance of success. He is also committed to the overall programme, volunteering to be involved in interviewing/assessing other apprentices and attending a national conference with apprentices from across the programme to support them delivering workshops and panels. He actively sets up opportunities within his network to allow the apprentices to develop their presentation skills or network with others.

All his apprentices have showcased confident coaching and leadership skills from early on and when asked how they had developed these, all said that Garreth had supported them with hours of mentoring and sharing activity ideas. He provides challenging opportunities then actively nurtures and empowers his apprentices to succeed in them. It’s this combination of ‘push’ with encouragement, and a genuine belief in his apprentices’ abilities that makes Garreth Chambers a standout mentor in the Coach Core community.

“His genuine interest in their future success is evident in the guidance and encouragement he provides, demonstrating a mentorship that extends beyond the program’s duration.”

This award celebrates the educator who has surpassed expectations in support of the apprentices they are teaching.

Brogan Jones

Brogan creates close relationships with her apprentices, building a level of trust that enables her to help them beyond just the education she delivers – she is able to provide a safe space to discuss issues outside of work and support them appropriately. She instils her apprentices with self-belief and helps them fulfill their potential by pushing when they need it, but also allowing them time and space to recharge when they need it. She makes sure everyone on the apprenticeship is allowed to be themselves in the group education setting and is pro-active about ensuring the apprentices are learning inclusive coaching.

“Brogan quite literally was my rock throughout my apprenticeship, she inspired me from the moment I met her. I trusted her and spoke to her about anything I needed support with.”

This award celebrates someone in the Coach Core network who has made a significant contribution to our mission, has demonstrated Coach Core values and deserves to be recognised for their support and dedication to the programme.

Mike Seaman & Kate Jamieson
Raccoon Media Group

Coach Core benefited hugely from Mike and Kate’s support developing and delivering our first ever Sports Day fundraiser last year. They have continued to be invaluable, suggesting practical improvements, new fundraising opportunities, reaching out to their celebrity contacts to attend and promoting the event through their industry networks. Both have given up significant time and energy to make Sports Day 2023 the success it was, and thanks to their ongoing commitment to Coach Core we look forward to the event growing and succeeding in 2024 and beyond.

The awards took place in the heart of National Apprenticeship Week, giving us a truly special moment to reflect on the success of our apprentices and those who support them.

The Coach Core Awards are genuinely the best day of the year for the team! All the stories and achievements of our apprentices, and the people around them, always move and inspire us. This year was no exception and the room heard of the incredible journeys enabled by our apprenticeships. From emotional stories of balancing caring duties, leaving a life of crime, and overcoming serious mental health issues, through to inspiring accounts of people not letting disability define them and arriving in the UK as an immigrant to start a new life – it’s been yet another year where everyone left the room inspired and motivated to do even more.
A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the apprentices in 2023 and to the young people that have the bravery and motivation to take the Coach Core opportunity with both hands to not only change their lives, but positively change the lives around them too.

Gary Laybourne, CEO


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