24 in 2024 – Celebrating Women during IWD

As part of International Women's Day, we wanted to shout about the women in our sector doing the absolute most for rights, wellbeing and positive movements. Check out who made it to our '24 in 2024' list:

By Belinda Bradley · 8th March 2024

From a quiet persona to shining confidence, Taylor has flourished into an inspiration. She manages over 2000 players in her current role and takes on huge responsibilities. Her peers say the foundation would not function as well as it does without her. Amongst all this pressure, she remains cool and collected. A true role model.

Darcie has shown immense support for Coach Core and proved that women can achieve anything. She has helped raise over £1000 and taken part in multiple challenge events for CC. She makes sure those around her are supported and does anything to make other’s dreams come true. Her charitable approach to life makes her worthy of praise.

With over a decade of experience, Laura’s contribution to the sector is incredible. She lives and breathes support and constantly strives to amplify others’ stories. Laura is quick to make sure everyone feels included and makes any adjustment needed to make the person feel safe. She is a true inspiration to women everywhere!

Loretta is an outstanding individual who goes above and beyond to help everyone in the community. She’s created a loving company where everyone can get involved and engage in sports. Loretta is always making great connections with the community and making sure needs are met where possible, inspiring so many people along the way.

Since around the age of 14, Madi has done nothing but excel in the world of Boxing. Overcoming many hardships, she completed her apprenticeship and has now secured a job, all whilst training and coaching. She is incredibly humble and a great role-model for girls coming into a male-dominated sport. She loves to give back and is a very hard worker.

At only 16 years old, Caitlin is a leading example of how maturity and passion make a great role model. She helps deliver sessions to those who need her support and leads the female football program, which drives engagement in life-changing opportunities for the young girls who take part. She’s increased their participation numbers by over 5x.

Despite a rough upbringing and disabilities, Gabi is fighting through it all. She’s won national awards for her work in inclusive coaching and recognition for her contributions to charity. Her commitment to boxing and supporting others is admirable and she is constantly making her peers and community proud. She’s achieved so much at such a young age.

Emily has a super fun personality and inspires SO many women in sport. She uses physical activity to overcome hardships and strengthen her community. Her impressive dedication to MMA and football encourages young girls to get into male-dominated sports, and she puts an incredible amount of passion into Coach Core, which has immeasurable positive outcomes.

Laura invests all of her time into supporting her colleagues and Coach Core. She is a consistent advocate for women in the sector and is a reliable support system for their professional and personal development. Always the first to shout their praises and support others, Laura deserves a shout-out herself!

Amy’s willingness to speak out is admirable and she is a huge advocate of women’s and disability sport. Her contributions to recognising and supporting neurodivergence in this sector also deserve praise. Her actions set the way. She is supportive of others’ mental health and is a great role model in leading an active lifestyle.

Ronni develops fantastic relationships with young people and inspires others to get active and into sport. Over the past year, she’s grown as a coach, mentor and leader, setting the way for all future women in sport. Her initiative and ambitions to get more people into women’s football is inspiring. She does all of this whilst being captain of AFC Sudbury!

Despite difficult starts in life and struggles with anorexia, alopecia and severe back injuries, Heather (Fish) rises above everything. She is a fantastic LGBTQ+ advocate and has a superb personality that encourages others to be as confident. Her athletic career was intense and inspiring, and now she’s an accomplished motivational speaker.

A busy mum, friend and colleague – Claire’s ability to manage and lead is truly remarkable. She’s the first to check in on other’s well-being and drives the Coach Core team forward. During any hardships, Claire is a reliable person who will get you through it. She’ll offer support no matter what the ask is and really cares about our sector. Claire is a huge inspiration to others.

Rukhsana has brought together over 400 women in some of the most deprived areas of her local community, to improve their social and physical wellbeing. Her work inspires those from ethnically diverse communities and reduces isolation, whilst improving employability. She is the perfect role model and continuously empowers others.

Nic is the leading example for all of Coach Core’s apprentices, teaching them the ways of a positive attitude, offering opportunities and supporting others. She is an incredible problem solver and is empathetic. Her dedication to this sector is impressive and her peers are in awe of her ability to balance multiple responsibilities and a young family!

Becki has the kindest heart and the biggest dedication to helping others. Setting examples in her sport and her work, Becki goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Constantly getting great praise and looking to better herself, Becki is a humble legend. She is the nicest and most caring person going and our Coach Core team are super lucky to have her.

Jo is not only an incredible athlete but is a dedicated and hard-working person in all aspects of life. She is a huge advocate of increasing the engagement of women and girls within sport and regularly speaks out on inequalities. She is also an author and a mother and demonstrates an inspiring ‘can-do’ attitude to any task.

Kate is a mentor, ambassador, and a huge supporter of multiple charities, leading the way in generosity and compassion. She demonstrates being a leader whilst managing multiple projects. Previously she was shortlisted as Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year and she campaigns for gender equality using her networks and experience.

Amber creates environments where everyone feels safe and welcome. Her job as a recruitment coordinator means she’s played a part in enabling hundreds of young people to access meaningful employment, all whilst constantly trying to improve herself too. Her bubbly personality contrasted with a hard-core work ethic makes her the perfect role model.

Amy’s resilience is insane. Her ability to push through any challenge, no matter what the conditions are make her incredible. Amy has completed Ironmans and long-distance challenges like they were walks in the park, and all with a smile on her face at the end of every finish line. She is a huge inspiration for women and girls in the sector.

Georgie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, but didn’t let that stop her from anything. She fundraised thousands of pounds towards charity and campaigned online. She encourages women to keep going by taking on insane physical challenges, such as completing Race for Life 12 times and trekking for 5 days in the French Alps. Wow!

Jen is a fantastic role model for all women in sport, especially those struggling with confidence or academically. Despite Jen’s lived experience of these things, she’s overcome it all and now builds safe communities for others to get involved in sports too. She excelled through her apprenticeship and has secured a full-time job doing something she loves!

Eboni is a solicitor at a leading legal firm. She joined the Coach Core board as a Trustee in a legal advisory capacity, having previously been a Coach Core Sporting Ambassador for the past 4 years. Eboni was also part of the England Netball Team that won the gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She is also a mother and is doing a fantastic job at everything.

Summer is not only an amazing coach, but at home, she is a brilliant young carer. She constantly puts others first despite having to balance her apprenticeship and other commitments. Summer has a friendly attitude and doesn’t let disabilities set her back. She won Bristol’s Learning Hero of the Year Award last year and has been achieving great things since.


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