Community Activator Coach (Level 2)

Community Activator Coaches are more than activity and sports leaders – they understand communities and participants.

They will: 

  • Be equipped with the specialist knowledge needed to effectively work with groups such as inactive teenagers. 
  • Gain experience working with a range of different communities and all kinds of participants who are likely to be defined as inactive, sedentary or not doing enough physical activity in their lives. 
  • Learn how to make communities and people’s lives better through physical activity, organised play and sport. 
  • Become a positive role model who builds good rapport with customers participants– especially those who are young, inactive, or from low-income and marginalised communities. 
  • Work alongside youth workers, the police and community safety agencies to make neighbourhoods safer, and works alongside health workers to make residents fitter and healthier. 

The modules they will work through on their apprenticeship are: 

  • Professional Practice and Personal Development 
  • Leading Healthy Lifestyles 
  • Coaching Sport & Physical Activity: Planning & Preparing Sessions 
  • Coaching Sport & Physical Activity: Delivering Sessions 
  • Understanding the Customer 
  • Getting People Active 
  • Support Organisational Services 
  • Working in the Community 
  • Workplace Project

You can read more about this apprenticeship standard on the official website.

How will it look? 

Education will be delivered through Coach Core’s education cycles which involve:

  • Face to face education sessions exposing them to key topics & information to broaden their awareness and knowledge with a practical focus 
  • Face to face or Virtual education sessions exploring key topics and information covered in previous sessions to deepen their knowledge, make sense of things and solve problems 
  • Personalised 1to1 sessions to support them to work independently and take what they have learned and try it out in real situations, in a ways that are relevant to them 
  • Discovery weeks, where they will be signposted to self-directed learning activities 
  • Development weeks, periods of self-reflection and development. During development weeks Coach Core will coordinate learning events aimed to help them to grow personally and professionally.