Development Weeks

Coach Core's ambition is to help develop apprentices skills for the future, taking control of their learning and make a difference in their local community.

We’re constantly working to make the programme even better. Alongside our training provider, we set up a yearly education plan, to give apprentices the chance to learn from each other and make new connections. 

As part of this, we deliver a range of workshops and training to help them grow personally and professionally (we call this our Development Week). This gives apprentices, you and the Learning Coaches the chance to reflect on how to apply their learning, whilst also developing new knowledge too. 

We team up with trusted partners, who help us design engaging, inspiring sessions on topics including: 

  • Personal Growth (like taking care of their mental health and managing stress) 
  • Professional Skills (like how to network, manage their time, build strong relationships, and develop their talents) 
  • Life Skills (think budgeting, living on their own, and understanding gaming and gambling) 
  • Coaching Skills (learning how to make sports inclusive for everyone) 
  • Career Tips (getting to know different job paths and what it takes to succeed) 

We also work with locally trusted partners, who deliver activities that are specifically relevant to a programme area. 

These sessions are completely free and are included as part of the apprenticeship education. These sessions are also made available to Coach Core graduates, to access for as long as they want/need! 

To find out more about our Development Weeks, or to access some of the previous content, email: