Introduction to Reporting

As a charity distributing funding to other organisations (like yourselves), it is important that we understand and can report on the impact of that funding.

We want our reporting practices to reflect the unique experience of each apprentice. We’re really keen to celebrate the impact being made with our partners and funders, and also to better understand the challenges faced by each employer and apprentice, so we can improve internal support and communication. Therefore we do not request the monthly reporting of numbers, but instead require an in-depth case study for each apprentice at two points during the programme.

These case studies are to be completed when the programme reaches 3 and 12 months.

The first case study will capture some initial information about the background of the apprentice, what they were doing prior to the programme, why they decided to apply and any learnings/discoveries to date. The second case study will highlight the journey throughout the apprenticeship, including any key milestones/ achievements, and an exploration of likely next steps for each learner.

The aim is for this to be mutually beneficial to yourself as the employer and us here at Coach Core, as well as some of our partners locally, such as Active Partnerships. It will give us crucial insight into the apprentices, so we can better support them and their peers, as well the critical material we need to share with our funders and donors to keep supporting more young people and their employers. (We will always ask permission before sharing stories). For you, we hope and expect these to be an important moment of reflection for yourself and the apprentice, as well as providing material that can be shared on your public channels, and internally so others can see the good work that you are doing.

We’ve created some initial documentation to support you in the creation of your case studies but really encourage creativity and adaptation to these documents.

We really look forward to better understanding and celebrating the fantastic work of our Coach Core partners! The deadlines for submission will be sent by your local employment coach/ programme manager but if you are unsure about this or have any other questions please email us at