Community Sport & Health Officer (Level 3)

Community Sport & Health Officers initiate behaviour change in local residents with regards to engagement in sport and physical activity across local communities, whilst also undertaking more senior duties.

You will:

  • Initiate meaningful behaviour change based on utilising a strength and asset based approach
  • Work with national governing bodies of sport, active partnerships, community organisations, the voluntary sector and sport for development agencies
  • Plan programmes of engaging and innovative activities using sport and physical activity
  • Understand social barriers and personal motivations of participants to activate local communities
  • Know where to source and how to use customer insight to design sport and physical activity interventions – weekly coaching sessions, social skills groups, volunteering
  • Understand the funding landscape for sport, physical activity, community regeneration, addressing anti-social behaviour and public health

The modules you will work through on your apprenticeship are:

  1. Physical activity and healthy living in the community
  2. Behaviour change
  3. Safeguarding and safety within the community
  4. Whole community activation and engagement
  5. Initiating community partnerships
  6. National and local funding opportunities
  7. Plan and implement activity programmes
  8. Delivering community sport and health activities
  9. Evaluation of community sport and physical activity programmes
  10. Workplace project
  11. Reviewing projects

How will it look?

Education will be delivered through Coach Core’s education cycles which involve

  • Virtual education sessions exposing you to key topics & information to broaden your awareness and knowledge with a practical focus
  • Personalised 1-to-1 sessions to support you to independently take what you’ve have learned and try it out in your own real situations, in a ways that are relevant to you
  • Discovery weeks, where you will be signposted to self-directed learning activities
  • Development weeks: periods of self-reflection and development. During development weeks Coach Core will coordinate learning events aimed to help you grow personally and professionally.