Coach Core top tips

Follow these, and you will be on the right path to success both through the apprenticeship and beyond

Be brave
Be open minded and willing to try new opportunities, as these may not always be available to you once you leave the programme. You never know what might be the springboard for the next stage in your journey.


Ask questions
You will have a big support team around you, who are there to support your ongoing development. Use them professionally and personally – as they can really help to shape your future direction.


Have the right attitude
We want ‘tryers’, ‘doers’ and ‘challengers’ not ‘cocky’, ‘I know this already’ and ‘easy option’ individuals! Coach Core works hard to redefine negative experiences of sport and as a result – there’s always more you can learn. Embrace this, challenge yourself and use it to your advantage.


Be organised
To sustain a successful career in coaching, you will need to know where you are going, what you will be doing and that you give yourself enough time to set up. Find ways to manage your time effectively and don’t forget to ask for support if you need it! Remember – it takes a long time to build trust and a short time to lose it.


Be an employee and a professional
You will be given a salary, workplace rights and an opportunity to be part of a bigger team – so be professional. Support your employers with all tasks, regardless of what they are, as this will only add to your experience and knowledge in the future.