Nominate Someone for the 2021 Coach Core Awards

Help us celebrate the wonderful work of all the people and organisations involved with Coach Core by nominating them for one of our annual awards.

The Coach Core awards are our annual chance to celebrate the people and organisations who make Coach Core special and to highlight their achievements.

Nominations are now open, and you should make someone’s day by putting them forward. Let’s support and celebrate each other as we come out of an extremely difficult 18 months.

To give your nominee the best chance, please read our quick guide to making an effective nomination, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

The Awards

This award celebrates a Coach Core apprentice who has surpassed expectations in their programme.

To be eligible, this person must:
– be at least 6 months into their Coach Core apprenticeship
– be or have been an active apprentice in 2021.

This award celebrates a graduated Coach Core apprentice who has gone on to achieve remarkable things since their Coach Core programme.

To be eligible, this person must:
– have completed their EPA within the last 5 years

(Formerly Tutor of the Year). This award celebrates an employee of a training provider who has surpassed expectations in support of the apprentices they are teaching.

To be eligible, this person must:
– have worked for a training provider with a group of Coach Core apprentices in 2021

This award celebrates an individual in an organisation that employs a Coach Core apprentice who has surpassed expectations in supporting their apprentice(s).

To be eligible, this person must:
– have been working at an organisation employing a Coach Core apprentice in 2021

This award celebrates an organisation which embraces the Coach Core ethos and uses the benefits of partnership working to support the Coach Core apprentice(s) they employ.

To be eligible, this organisation must:
– have employed a Coach Core apprentice in 2021

This award will celebrate someone in the Coach Core network who has made a significant contribution to our mission, has demonstrated Coach Core values and deserves to be recognised for their support and dedication to the programme. This award will be decided by the Coach Core team and board.

How to make an effective nomination

The key to a well-written nomination is providing the evaluators with specific information about the nominee’s achievements.

It’s important to use specific and concrete examples to illustrate how your nominee meets the award criteria. Provide examples of events, moments, programmes, etc that show how your nominee met the criteria.

The evaluation panel will not be familiar with the nominee, so tell their story as you would tell it to a stranger.

If you can get information or quotes from others to strengthen the nomination, please do include that.

Describe unique characteristics that are more than just that the nominee is a great or nice

The evaluation panel is relying on your words to give them a positive, factual picture of your nominee’s accomplishments. Explaining detailed behaviours and giving specific examples will make it obvious why someone deserves to be recognized.


Joe Bloggs is a great coach and is always on time.

Joe Bloggs is a great apprentice because:

  • His coaching is outstanding because he has:
    • increased participation in his after-school activity club by 15%
    • Got great feedback from parents, eg ‘My kid is so much more confident now!’
  • His attitude is excellent and an example of this was when he had to cover for a colleague and was willing to work extra hours at short notice to ensure sessions could be run
  • Joe also allowed us to do a new project doing walking football with older people thanks to his experience doing this with his previous employer. This has opened up new communities and opportunities for us as an organisation.

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