Our Ethos

Coach Core was piloted in response to the Centre for Social Justice’s report on how best to harness the power of sport to transform the lives of young people and to give young people the skills, confidence and attitude to become the next generation of inspirational sports coaches.

Develop Young People

We want to train our young people to give them the best education and experiences that will allow them to progress in life, but we also want them developing personally, as well as professionally. We help them to understand that planning, resilience and self-motivation are the key to their success. We do this by providing a number of training workshops, experiences in many sporting industry areas, not just coaching, as well as having key personnel attached to the programme to help support and develop them throughout

Improve Coaching Experiences

We want to improve sports coaching provision across the UK. For too long the focus has been on technical skills or generic coaching principles that are difficult to apply, particularly in tough social settings. Coach Core develops a group of future coaches that focus on child development, inclusion and positive environments so that the next generation of young people have a positive experience in sport and physical education regardless of their background, ability or social and physical situations

Link Organisations to show what is possible

We wanted to rip up the form book and show education and development doesn’t just have to come from a central college or one or two organisations. By multiple businesses, professional sports clubs and key sporting organisations linking up to provide employment places via a consortium model this, in turn, creates numerous opportunities for unique experiences and shared learning, not just for the 20 young people in each city or region but also across the employers themselves. The young people are exposed to more training events and opportunities than ever before across the network and the employers are able to share costs, best practice and working staff to help benefit the programme and at times, their own overarching operations too.

The future of sport

“We are looking to develop these young people, not just as high quality sports coaches but also through the mentoring and peer work, as confident and engaging members of society”. -HRH Duke of Cambridge.